New 2019 season Aikido in Helsinki

Айкидо Ёсинкан в Санкт Петербурге.

Dear students!

New Aikido Yoshinkan’s season in Helsinki will start very soon.

Time and place changed. You can find more information about on this page

From the 12th of August to the 18th of August will start week public classes where you can meet your teacher and find out about Aikido classes. The  Aikido class will be in the 17th of Agust at 11:00, address you can find on shedule’s page.

See you soon!


Yoshinkan Aikido Dojo YukimuraKan has rest

Yoshinkan Aikido Suomessa

Dear Students!

Yoshinkan Aikido Dojo YukimuraKan has rest from June to September

See you next time!

Have a nice rest!

The Basic course of Yoshinkan Aikido in HelsinkiBasic

Yoshinkan Aikido Suomessa

Dear friends!
We would like to invite everyone to do the basic Yoshinkan Aikido course in Helsinki.
Time: the 2nd and the 3rd of May, from 19:30 to 21:30.
The program will consider some basic movements Kihon Dosa) and some basic techniques (Kihon waza).
This course is designed for beginners from 7 years old and upper
Course’s location: Sport Mill Movement, Yauhokuya 3, 00920 Helsinki.

Price is 20 euros per person.

Discount for multicultural center Graniitti and Active Group ry 10 euros

Training Aikido in Helsinki in May at the Dojo YukimuraKan

Yoshinkan Aikido Suomessa

Dear students!

There is information about training in May

In Helsinki Yoshinkan Aikido Dojo YukimuraKan will be closed on the 1st of May

Have a nice rest!




Yoshinkan Aikido Dojo Yukimurakan goes to Japan

Yoshinkan Aikido Suomessa

Dear Students!

Yoshinkan Aikido Dojo YukimuraKan will goes to Japan to take part in Mugenjuku Dojo’s 10th Anniversay Enbu on the 21st of March to 23rd of March 2019 in the oldest Budo Center of Kyoto – Butokuden

All classes of the Yoshinkan Aikido Dojo YukimuraKan will be canceled form the 16th of March to the 1st April 2019.

See you in April!


Yoshinkan Aikido group’s schedule in Helsinki changed

Yoshinkan Aikido Suomessa

Dear Students!

We changed the time-table of children group in Helsinki, Graniittitie 9

New time of Yoshinkan Aikido training is Monday and Wednesday from 18:00 to 19:00

Joint us!


Yoshinkan Aikido Spring Season in Helsinki

Yoshinkan Aikido Suomessa

Dear Students!

Spring season at Yoshinkan Aikido Dojo YukimuraKan will start from 7th of January

Yoshinkan Aikido training are renewed in Helsinki.

YukimuraKan Dojo’s schedule changed.

Children class at Graniitti on Monday and Saturday 17:30-18:30 (Children group).

The Maunula’s Sports Hall (Maunulan liikuntahalli) Children and Adults.

You can do Aikido Yoshinkan twice a week:

Thursday 17:30-18:30

Sunday 11:00-12:00

Children and Adult class in a new place in the Sports Hall of Mylly ( Liikuntamylly)

Friday 19:30-20:30


YukimuraKan Dojo of Helsinki’s Christmas Vacation

Yoshinkan Aikido Suomessa

Dear Students!

Yoshinkan Aikido Dojo YukimuraKan will be on Christmas vacation.

Children Groups

from 21.12.2018 to 06.01.2019

Adult Group

from 21.12.2018 to 02.01.2019

The First class will start from 07.01.2019





Free of Charge Aikido Course

Yoshinkan Aikido Suomessa

Free of Charge Yoshinkan Aikido in Masala!

Chance to try to take part in Yoshinkan Aikido free course in Masala.

Dates 09.11.2018, 16.11.2018 and 23.11.2018

Address: Masalantie 346. Masala

Registration and information: Tony Tähtinen


Yoshinkan Aikido at Maunula

Yoshinkan Aikido Suomessa

Hello Everyone!

The YukimuraKan opens new Yoshinkan Aikido’s group in the Maunula’s Sport center.

The first class will start on Thursday of the 4th October  2018 at 17:30 p.m.

Dojo located at Maunulan Liikuntahalli. Maunulanmäki 3, Helsinki

Schedule you can see here

Here is a registration form

If you have questions, pleas contact us feedback

See you soon on tatami!