Yoshinkan Aikido Exams of the Yukimurakan Dojo

Yoshinkan Aikido has an exam system because it is not fighting.

Usually exams are done twice a year. A winter exam and a spring exam. Exams are categorized into children tests and an adult test.

Children exam consists of a theoretical test and a technical exam. Both children exams include Kyu level program from the 10th to the 1st kyu. Children can pass exams to the 1th Kyu maximum.

However, shodan level can be done by children at the age 16 years old.

Adults can do just a technical exam. The maximum level  in Yoshinkan Aikido is the 9th Dan.

This exam consists of Kyu level from the 10th to the 1st Kyu and Dan level from Shodan to above.

A technical exam includes 2 parts:

  • Kitei Waza. This part include Kihon Dosa – basics movements.
  • Kihon Waza – basics techniques.

This is the main part of the exam. The exam program from the 10th kyu to the 5th kyu consists of just Kitei  Waza.

Shitei Waza means additional techniques. This part is included in  exams program from the 4th Kyu to Yudan.

Also Dan program includes some Jiyu Waza – applied techniques. Claimers can do an exam twice a year for the 10th to the 4th Kyu, and once a year for Dan level.

Yoshinkan Aikido Exams’ programs

More detailed information about programs you can find here: