Yoshinkan Aikido Children Groups

Yoshinkan Aikido’s methods were developed to teach Kidotai – a special police department of Tokyo. Also these methods are used to teach a large number of people.  The main priorities of the system are discipline and obedience. These aspects play an important role in disciplining children. Therefore, Yoshinkan Aikido is a wonderful way to bring up children.

Yoshinkan Aikido as all Japanese martial arts uses traditional wooden Japanese weapons as a way to improve basic techniques.

What’s more, training with traditional Japanese weapons attract children. This teach them to form their posture and control distance.

Doing complex movements requires efforts and attention that’ll develop children’s physical and mental abilities.

Following the schedule strengthens their willpower.

Doing Yoshinkan Aikido children get calmer, more self-confident, they get disciplined and responsible.

They are skillful and strong, they are able to protect themselves.

This  helps to develop a harmonious personality.

What’s more, Yoshinkan Aikido can helps to make many new friends, because this helps to improve communication.

There are several groups for children Aikido Yoshinkan in Helsinki

The first group is for children from  5 to 8 years old.

This class is for beginners, who have never done Yoshinkan Aikido.

Class has two parts, each part is 55 minutes long.

The second group is from 9 to 13 years old.

This class also is 55 minutes long.

Both classes take place two times a week at fixed time. One class lasts one hour.  

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