Yoshinkan Aikidon Aikuiset

There are three courses available

General Course

General course is a perfect opportunity to do Yoshinkan Aikido in Helsinki with partners of different levels. This course consists of fixed classes. Each class last 1:00h or 2h, two or three days a week.

This course is for both beginners and advanced students.

Each a class involves 3 parts:

The first part of a class is a condition part. The main aim is to prepare body and practise the 6th basic Yoshinkan movements.

The second part involves studying basic techniques from simple to advanced.

At the end of class students do more complex techniques.

Self- defense techniques are practiced at advanced level from Shodan and above.  

Look at the schedule page and chose a convenient day and time to training

Corporate Course

This training is aimed at training office employees of companies where employers are concerned about health of their staff. Perfect a corporate culture leads to success in business. Doing Yoshinkan is a way to develop this culture and team spirit.

YukimuraKan Dojo provides an opportunity to companies to choose days and time.

The number of participants is limited from 4 to 10 people.

Yoshinkan Aikido a Special Course

This course is designed for students who want to be an instructor. Also this course is useful for people who want to improve their skills and knowledge.

This course for two years. The course is done five times a week, three hours a day.

The course consists of five semesters. At the end of each semester participants do an exam.

Participants have to succeed in an exam to get Yudan and an instructor certificate and finish the course.

The main aims of the course are:

Give understanding Yoshinkan Aikido principles.

Give methods and ways to teach Yoshinkan.

Push physical and mental limits

The number of participants is limited. The course can be done by up to 10 people. Participants’ age is limited from 21 to 35 years old.

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Some recommendations

Before doing a course, it is necessary to visit a doctor to check a health status. This is very important because it allows to choose the adequate physical activity and avoid injuries.

At the beginning you can do Aikido without a dogi – uniform. You can wear loose t-shirts and trousers.

However, when you start to wear dogi, this shows that you have joined an Yoshinkan family.