Yoshinkan Aikido Dojo YukimuraKan

The YukimuraKan is an opportunity execute Your dreams – do Yoshinkan Aikido!

You are on the website of Yoshinkan Aikido Dojo YukimuraKan. If you visited this website, it means you find for something that attracts you.

  • Is it perhaps the east wisdom and philosophy?
  • Would you like to be calmer and more self-confident?

The YukimuraKan Dojo helps to you find your purpose.

  • Do you want to push Your limit?
  • Do you want to study Yoshinkan Aikido inside out?
  • Do you want to be as Yoshinkan Aikido Master?
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The main goal of the Dojo is to helps to you change your life, getting better and approach harmony and balance.

Yoshinkan Aikido is about a lot of things – it is about focus and concentration of energy; it is about blending and unified non-resistance; it is awareness of self and others feelings; it is intuition, humility, beauty and grace. Aikido is also about developing understanding of the laws of nature, which allows us to perform a movement without unnecessary force, and without struggle; instead, we use the strength of our integrity from a strong body centerline to unite the body, mind, and spirit. It is about channeling natural energy through the repetition of basic movements and basic techniques for a lifetime achievement. It is also about personal discipline – taking small steps day by day without giving up. It is about perseverance, courage, and determination.

One day you will realize unresolved negative feelings turned into a miraculous surrendering, and your internal struggles have somehow melted away. Then one day, your partner will want to experience your magical joint locks and throws again and again because it felt so good.
Your mind and your heart will start to open, you will feel the lightness of being, the stability of balance.
Aikido is simple but not easy.
Don’t give up when things get tough. Just keep working at it

Why the YukimuraKan Dojo’s courses?

  • We teach, using the same methods as The Honbu Dojo.
  • We do Yoshinkan using the traditional methods of martial arts.
  • We constantly do demonstration programs and exams.
  • Students have an opportunity to go to workshops and do Yoshinkan Aikido under Japanese Masters.

What are the opportunities?

  • General Adult courses
    General course is a perfect opportunity to do Yoshinkan Aikido with partners of different levels. This course consists of fixed classes. Each class latest 1:30h or 2h each classes, two or three days a week.
  • The Individual Course
    This is a perfect way to do Yoshinkan when you can’t attend group classes.
  • The Corporate Course
    This training is aimed at training office employees of companies where employers are concerned about health of their staff.
  • The Special Yoshinkan Aikido Course
    This course is designed for students who want to be an instructor. Also this course is useful for people who want to improve their skills and knowledge.
  • Children Groups
    Yoshinkan Aikido is a wonderful way to bring up children.
    There are several groups for children
    The first group is for children from 5 to 7 years. The second group is from 8 to 13 years old.
    Both classes take place two times a week at fixed time.
The YukimuraKan Dojo for people who already push their limits and do Yoshinkan Aikido inside out. People who want to change themselves.
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