The 5th kyu of Children’s Yoshinkan Aikido Exam

The 5th Theoretical Exam

  1. What is “Nikajo”? (The second control)
  2. What is “Osae Waza”? (control techniques)
  3. What is “Nage Waza” (Throwing techniques)
  4. Please list 4 controls (Ikkajo, Nikajo, Sankajo, Yonkajo)
  5. What is “Shomen Uchi”? (Hand attack from top to down)
  6. What are Ichi form and Ni form (Ichi – enter, Ni – pivot)
  7. What is “Suwari Waza”? (Sitting techniques)

The 5th Technical Exam

  1. Migi hanmi kamae
  2. Hidari hanmi kamae
  3. Kihon Renzoku Dosa
  4. Shomen Uchi Ikkajo Osae 1
  5. Shomen Uchi Ikkajo Osae 2
  6. Katate Mochi Sokumen Iriminage 1