Yoshinkan Aikido Foundation’s News Letter

Yoshinkan Aikido Suomessa

Dear AYF Members,

Newsletter Lineup:
• Leadership Change
• Kagami Baraki
• Shihan Promotions
• 63rd All-Japan Demonstration
• Senshusei Graduates

Leadership Change

As most of you know by now, at the end of last year, Susumu Chino Sensei resigned from his dual role as acting Kancho of the AYF and Dojocho here at Honbu. Chino Sensei continues to practice and teach privately throughout the Tokyo area. We thank him for his numerous contributions to the Yoshinkan community and wish him the very best going forward.

Effective January 1st, 2018, the AYF Board of Directors appointed Masahiko Noriki Sensei to Dojocho. In addition to leading Honbu operations, Noriki Sensei will continue managing international affairs for Honbu and the AYF. Noriki Sensei is humbled by his new responsibilities and greatly appreciates the support that so many of you have extended over the last couple of months.

Masahiko Noriki Shihan / Dojocho /
International Manager


Kagami Biraki

“Breaking the Mirror” demonstration and party. It was a wonderful day at the Honbu dojo and we would like to thank everyone who came and made the occasion such a success.

Kids embu . . .

Okoshi Sensei . . .

Post-embu celebration . . .

Tochitani Sensei receives assistance with mochi preparation . .

Shihan Promotions

Shihan’s are senior instructors that have demonstrated mastery level skill, and enduring commitment to the Yoshinkan community. The following individuals have recently been awarded this prestigious title:

• Alexey Mikhailov, YukimuraKan, Russia
• Evgenii Shimanovich, Shimbukan, Russia
• Gdiel Shorr, Yoshinkan Aikido, Israel
• Kevin Blok, Chudokan, Canada
• Rashit Gataullin, Seibukan, Russia
• Steve Nickerson, Makotokan, Canada

63rd All-Japan Demonstration

Date and venue for 63rd All-Japan Demonstration: September 29, 2018, using the same venue as last year. Please make a note in your calendars. We will be providing additional information, including registration details, in the coming months.


Senshusei Graduates

We are proud to introduce the three graduates of the 27th International Senshusei Course. This notoriously demanding 11-month intensive has participants drilling the fundamentals of Yoshinkan alongside officers of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department throughout their concurrent 8-month Senshusei course. Successful candidates earn the opportunity to test for Dan ranking as well as instructor credentials.

Reto began his Yoshinkan Aikido training here at the Honbu dojo as a regular Ippan member and, hearing about the Senshusei program, he felt inspired to enroll himself in last years course. Unfortunately, he was unable to complete his final test due to injury, but he continued training, and joined for the end of this year, completing the course, and demonstrating his senshusei spirit and commitment. We wish him luck on his continued Aikido journey.

A student of Anthropology, Amy came to Japan early last year as part of her PhD research into non-violence in Japanese policing. Completely new to Yoshinkan style Aikido, Amy enrolled in the Senshusei course to experience the spirit of Japanese budo firsthand. We are very pleased that she has decided to stay and serve at Honbu as a sewanin (dojo assistant / caretaker), and further develop as an instructor while continuing her academic research.

Passionate about martial arts since childhood, Andrea challenged the Senshusei course to immerse in a budo entirely new to him. A practitioner of Muay Thai for 10 years, and Shodokan Karate for over three, Andrea came to Honbu in search of a distinctly different style. We are very pleased that he has decided to stay and serve at Honbu as a sewanin (dojo assistant / caretaker), and further develop as an instructor while living and working in Tokyo.


Thanks for having a look. As always, we wish you continued safe and spirited practice. Until next time, be well.